8th European Deaf Champions League Futsal

The 8 edition of European Deaf Champions League Futsal was be held in Lisbon (Portugal) on 28th February to 5th March 2022.

Were 16 men and 6 women teams in the DCL tournament with 326 players and officials. The men and women teams were invited by the DCL as champions from their National Federation. Each country was qualified with their clubs then were 12 countries. The tournament had good development every day and we would like to thank to club A.P. Surdos from Lisbon for their collaboration.

winner men

The winner of men teams was C.D.S. Huelva from Spain, who have won against the other spanish team C.D.S. Atletico Onubense with the result 2-0. Is the fourth time that CDS Huelva get the european title.

winner women

C.D.C. Altatorre from Spain won the title for women tournament. In the final, won to IK Hephata from Sweden, 4-2. In the next months we will inform the venue that will host the 8th edition.



  • Best player: Nikolai VORONIN (CDS Huelva)
  • Best young player: Alejandro ESTUNIGA HERMOSO (CDS Atletico Onubense)
  • Best goalkeeper: Gil Gonzalo GARCIA (CDS Atletico Onubense)
  • Best coach: Ado PELJTO (CDS Huelva)
  • Top Scorer: Luigi CIGNA (GSS Torino) (13 Goals)
  • Fair Play: Ass LYON (France) 


  • Best player: Alena BAUMANN (GSV Karlsruhe)
  • Best young player: Simone STUPANE (IK Hephata)
  • Best goalkeeper: Lydia TEBIBEL (IK Hephata)
  • Best coach: Anton LINDBERG NYBERG (IK Hephata)
  • Top Scorer: Bernice Regina LEMING (GS Ens Messina) (7 Goals)
  • Fair Play: AS TOLOSA (France)