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The draw will be held in Stuttgart on 28th October 2018 at 18:00 pm with the participation of 20 men and 11 women teams that will be drawn by 5 men groups and 3 women groups. The distribution of teams by pots has been done following the ranking (see attached PDF files).

At last time, two men team, MKSN Mazowsze Warszawa and DGPN Maribor have withdrawn, then following the ranking, the teams that will replace it will be the italian team ASD GSCS Potenza and German team GSV Hildesheim. Also the russian team Moscow City resign their participation to DCL then there aren´t registered teams as reserve, the tournament will developed with 11 women teams, not 12.

the groups will be divided into:


Womenpot women

Download this file (live-draw-futsal-2019.pdf)Draw Live783 kB
Download this file (Draw POT - MEN.pdf)Draw POT - Men305 kB
Download this file (Draw POT - Women.pdf)Draw POT - Women491 kB
Download this file (Draw_Rules_of_the_Futsal_Men_2019.pdf)Draw Rules Men131 kB
Download this file (Draw Rules Women.pdf)Draw Rules Women129 kB

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