Futsal Committee


futsal committee de caro
Name: Rosario De Caro
Nationality: Italy
Year of birth: 1964
Honours: Diploma maturity´as accounting business
Favourite hearing
football player
Lionel Messi (ARG)
Alessandro Rosa Vieira "Falcao" (BRA)
Favourite Deaf
football player
Scaglione Dino (Futsal ITA)
Luppi Mauro (Football ITA)
Proudest moment As coach to win the bronze medal in WC Futsal as champions in Bulgaria 2007.
What do you enjoy most about the DCL? Take the support of the UEFA-EDSO for DCL and put a high-level for European clubs. Create the new futsal committee to work only for the DCL.


futsal committee women breier
Name: Simone Breier
Nationality: Germany
Year of birth: 1976
Honours: Over 25 years of football of hearing players with club as goalkeeper and player. Leader of establishment of women football from department of GSG Stuttgart (GER) in year 2000. Assistant of national team (Germany) of women football and winners of EC Futsal 2002 in Sofia (BUL).
Favourite hearing
football player
Diego Armando Maradona (ARG)
§Harald "Toni" Schumacher (GER)
Silvia Neid (GER)
Alexandra Popp (GER)
Favourite Deaf
football player
Natascha Laier (GER)
What do you enjoy most about the DCL? Support and help to DCL! DCL has a high level and important for us, deaf Europe!