Semifinals - Istanbul Sessizler vs Doncaster DTFC (0-0) (2-3)

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At 3:00 pm, the first semi-final match between Istanbul Sessizler and Doncaster DTFC was played in the E. Toti stadium and we saw the triumph of english team on penalties after the 90 minutes that had ended without goals.
The turkish team had taken a 4-4-2 lead with Batur as goalkeeper, a defensive line composed of Yildiz, Sahin E., Kalyoncu and Soylu. In midfield Nalbant, Sahin Y., Simsek and Basaran with support of the two forwards Su and Kaya. The Doncaster DTFC responded with a 4-2-3-1 placing Walsh goalkeeper, Wilcox Naylor, Singh and Kamps in defense, Milensted and Atkinson in the median couple while Casey, Breeze and Clarke supported the only striker Cameron.
In the minute 3 the Doncaster had a great opportunity to take the lead, but Cameron pulls on the goalkeeper on a good assist Clarke. And again Cameron tries to exploit an indecision of the defense to anticipate the goalkeeper, but just pulls out. The chances of the Istanbul come only on two free-kick from the edge pulled both from Simsek: at the first pulls high, while the second is good the goalkeeper to deflect it in the corner.
In the second half Istanbul took the domination of the game and attacked for almost all 45 minutes, but have few opportunities to conclude on goal. It goes so on the penalty kicks: Kaya, Su and Sahin E. wrong, while the Doncaster, apart from Carey, is infallible from the disk and goes so in the final.

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