Semifinals - CSSM Paris vs POK Athens (1-2)

semifinals paris pok

PARIS (4-5-1)
Chavinha; Diawara, Tounkara, Kotra, Castro, Aidouni; Mendes, Kuzehgaran G, Kuzehgaran R., Gomes, Koita.

POK (4-2-1-3)
Berdi; Karampelas, Balas, Scotton, Abdelhay; Dionysatos, Amer; Balis; Cigna, Kanavogiannis, Salim.At 6 pm the second semi-final was staged where the holder of the title POK Athens faces the CSSM Paris. The greek team won with a goal at the last minute.
The Parisian formation had well contained the attacks of the opponents placing themselves with a cautious 5-4-1 with Chavinha as goalkeeper, 5 defenders composed by Diawara, Tounkara, Kotra, Castro and Aidouni. Median line formed by Mendes, G. Kuzehgaran, R. Kuzehgaran and Gomes and the only striker Koita.
The POK Athens has instead a more offensive formation with a 4-2-1-3 formed by Berdi as goalkeeper, Karampelas, Balas, Scotton and Abdelhay in defense. Median couple with Dionysatos and Amer while Balis acted on the trocar and 3 attackers with Cigna, Kanavogiannis and Salim.
In the minute 6, POK Athens immediately took the lead thanks to a great goal by Salim: Cigna goes off to the right and puts in the middle a fine ball where the danish striker scores half overhead.
The CSSM Paris responds immediately to the ninth minute: from a free kick from the edge, Gomes's shot ends under the intersection of the posts and leads his team in a tie.
CSSM Paris played better where he had two other opportunities to take advantage first Koita with a shot diagonally hit the post and then with Kotra who heads from close range sends out.
The POK Athens also takes the post with a header from Balas.
In the second half, the POK Athens with the substitutions brings more vivacity to the maneuver and creates greater dangers from the parts of the opposing goalkeeper, but the parisian rearguard tries to contain. At minute 69, Casteljins had a good chance, but he threw himself at the goalkeeper, then Alshammari and Abdelhay tried from outside the area, but without luck.
When the match seems to have ended in penalty shootout, the second minute of recovery happens to the unpredictable: from a long launch, the defense in CSSM Paris is surprised by Amer that fits between the blue jerseys and anticipates the goalkeeper bringing the greek team on 2-1.
POK Athens is qualified against Doncaster DTFC where will be awarded the cup of the 11th Deaf Champions League.

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