Quarterfinals - Istanbul Sessizler vs CDS Huelva (2-2) (3-2)

quarterfinals istanbul huelva

Istanbul Sessizler qualified to semi-finals beating CDS Huelva on penalties after the match with the result of 2-2.
It was a match with two faces, after a first half with few emotions where both teams have studied and have conceded as little as possible. In the second half, the show prevailed as a interesting game.
Istanbul took the field with 4-4-2, while Huelva responded with a 4-2-3-1 with 3 good players behind the only forward Elbana Maher Assan.
Istanbul took the lead in the first 25 minutes when Nalbant enters the area on the right, skips two opponents in dribbling and puts a low ball where he finds Kaya pulling, the ball hits an opponent defender and goes into goal.
After 4 minutes, CDS Huelva got the goal thanks to Mohamed Abdallah Elshirbeny that collects from the left the passage of Farouk and marks with a diagonal of winning left.
In addition to the goals nothing happens, while the second half starts immediately with a bang; not a minute passed that Istanbul Sessizler returns to the advantage thanks again to Kaya on the pass filtering of Su pulls diagonally left and puts the ball in goal.
The CDS Huelva, as in the first half, immediately try to equalize the game with Mohamed Abdallah Elshirbeny that pulls from outside the area, but the ball comes out slightly. At minute 61, CDS Huelva remains in 10 players due to double yellow card of Ahmed and 1 minute.
With numerical inferiority, CDS Huelva believes that he is driven by his captain's direction and by the fantasy of Farouk who, with his speed on the belt, has put in difficulty the opposing rearguard several times.
CDS Huelva tries again with 3 other occasions, twice with Mohamed Abdallah Elshirbeny and one with Elbana Maher Hassan and in the minute 79. After remains with 9 players due to yellow card from the captain Van Assche.
At minute 83 comes the unbelievable draw of the Huelva. Once again, Farouk unleashed goes on the right and puts in the middle a good cross for Elbana Maher Hassan that leads the goal.
In the last 10 minutes, had attacks from turkish team, but nothing happens until the final whistle. So it goes to the penalties shootout that rewards Istanbul in the 7th shot from the penalty spot after the CDS Huelva failed twice the match point. Istanbul Sessizler will play against Doncaster in the first semifinal.

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