Istanbul Sessizler vs CSSM Paris (3-0)

3 4 articleIstanbul Sessizler won the third place of the 11th Deaf Champions League defeating CSSM Paris with the result of 3-0.

The turkish team showed up in the field with a 4-3-3 formed by Batur goalkeeper, Karaahmetoglu. Sahin E., Kalyoncu, Soylu in defense, Arslan, Sahin Y. And Simsek in midfield and Basaran, Akbulut and Kaya in attack. The team CSSM Paris responded with a 4-2-3-1 formed by Chavinha goalkeeper, Blanchandin, Tounkara, Kotra and Tavares in defense. Midfield pair formed by Mokat and Kuzehgaran G. while Mendes, Soumare and Kuzehgaran R. supported the only striker Koita.

The game was played with a very humid climate, but the show not missed. The two teams have left plenty of space on the pitch and have seen many scoring opportunities making the audience entertained.

After a minute from the kick-off, Istanbul immediately took the lead thanks to Basaran who took advantage of a nice Simsek throw and exceeds the goalkeeper with a low shot.

CSSM Paris has many chances to equalize the game, but they found a good goalkeeper in the big day that rejected the dangerous conclusions of R. Kuzehgaran, Mendes and especially of Tavares with a large foot save.

At the end of the first half, Istanbul Sessizler doubled in counterattack again thanks to Basaran who collected Kaya's assist and beat the goalkeeper again.

In the second half, Akbulut on the counterattack exceeds in dribbling the goalkeeper and scores an empty goal. The game is now closed and Paris tried to reopen the game, but without luck.

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