Deaf Champions League Football London 2019

Deaf Champions League Football and Deaf Champions League Women Football 7x7 Challenge Cup were be held in London (England) on 15th to 20th April 2019. Were 12 men and 5 women teams in the DCL competition with 336 players and officials. The tournament had good development every day and we would like to thank to organising committee Charlton ADFC.

The winner of men teams was St. John´s DFC from England and same city of the venue, who have won against the swedish team IK Surd Gothenburg with the result 6-3. Is the fourth time that St. John´s DFC get the title and draw with POK Athens to the highest number of DCL trophies as champion (4 for each team). The match ended with a draw to 3 goals (3-3) but in the extra-time the english team got 3 goals more certifying the victory.

winner men

Best Young Player (U-21): Drew Rowley (Charlton ADFC)
Best Goalkeeper: R. Chirino Quintana (CDS Huelva)
Best Player: N. Voronin (IK Surd Gothenburg)
Top Scorer: J. Castelijns (POK Athens) (11 goals)
Fair Play: Charlton ADFC

The next edition (2020) will be in Gothenburg (Sweden) on 25-30thMay 2020 with the organising committee IK Surd.

Results: link to DCL Website results


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