DCL Meeting 2017 in Belgrade (Serbia)

DCL Executive Committee had a meeting, 30th August – 01st September in Belgrade (Serbia) to discuss several issues in relation to European Deaf Football/Futsal and work towards the next DCL events that will be in 2018. Six members of the DCL Executive Committee stayed in Belgrade for 2 days, discussing various matters, e.g. competitions, cooperation and structure with EDSO, clubs, rules, financial accounts, budget, media, etc.
The main feature of the meeting was to approve the proposals previously studied by the teams in the Annual General Meeting that was held last May in Larissa (Greece), which were to be included in the rules and regulations for football and futsal. Those documents are exposed by this link: https://www.dcl-football.com/rules-sanctions/ and will be distributed to the EDSO Federation members soon for information. Other issues that were discussed especially the DCL events:

  • 1. DCL Men U-21 Futsal and Workshop with national federations and clubs (06-07th October 2017) in Milano (Italy)
  • 5. DCL Futsal (29th January-03rd February 2018) in Alcala de Henares (Spain)
  • 11. DCL Men and 1. DCL Women Football (28th May-02nd June 2018) in Milano (Italy)

DCL also approved the events for 2019;

  • 6. DCL Futsal in Stuttgart (Germany).
  • 12. DCL Football in Turkey (the city will be announced on December 2017).
  • 1. DCL U-21 Football in Glasgow (Great Britain)

In Belgrade, we were working with the other DCL committee members by webcam (Skype) to help with planning of the events in 2018.
From DCL we would like to thank the Belgrade Deaf Association that had concession one lounge room where we were during two days with meetings.
During June and July, we sent emails to all EDSO Federation members asking to provide us with the names of the clubs that were 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed in their national league/cup championships for the football and futsal season of 2016-2017. We have also sent out emails of which clubs will be invited to DCL events and at the end of November we will be confirming the official teams that will be participating in the DCL Futsal (Alcala de Henares, Spain), Feb 2018.