On March 22-25, Draw in Milan

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On March 22-25, five members of the DCL and two members of the COL worked together for the draw for the 11th European DCL Football Men and DCL Women Football Challenge Cup x7 taking place in Milan from 28 May to 2 June 2018.

The members of the DCL were: Thomas Krämer (TD DCL), Christian Guénédal (TD Football DCL), Alina Baciu (TO Women DCL), Vincenzo Bilgini (DCL Media), Rosario De Caro (TD Futsal DCL).
The members of the COL present were the vice president Guido Giovanetti and the secretary Deborah Caboni. The President COL, Francesco Camillo', was absent for personal reasons but remained near to COL and DCL through contacts on whatsapp and Facetime.

They were three positive days, focusing mainly on the organization of the draw and on the organization for the COL. On Friday, TD Football Guénédal was together with COL to inspect the various pitches. Then back in the SSS Milano office, they continued to work together with the other members to fix the whole program and update.

Saturday, March 24th, the big day of the draw took place at the Sala Ridolfi of the ENS Milan. Fifteen people were present to see the draw and always other people live. It began with the TD Krämer to bring his greetings together with President SSS Milano, Deborah Caboni and Vice President COL, Guido Giovanetti then TD Football Guénédal together with TO Women, Baciu, continued with the draw of the women's group, at the which participates in the SSS Milano team, which is the organizer. Finished, we moved to the men's draw. Instead of 16 teams, officially they are 15 with the withdrawal of a team. Group D then remains of three teams, with one game less. The draws were held and the various teams arranged in their groups. Then the evening ended with a dinner outside and finally on Sunday everyone returned to their home. These were three busy days, focusing mainly on work, sport, the draw, organization and collaboration between DCL and COL-SSS.

Little is missing now, the day is getting near and near.
See you in Milan!