DCL work progress meeting

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Five DCL members had a meeting the past 22nd- 24th February in Milan (Italy) to work on a lot of issues in relation to European Deaf Football/Futsal and DCL. The DCL members used the local club, S.S.S. Milano, working on various matters, e.g. constitution, disciplinary regulations, technical football and futsal rules, media regulations, hosting policy, new logo, etc.

The main feature of the meeting was to improve and update the contents of legal documents as constitution, the general regulations or disciplinary regulations which are being developed for season 2020/2021. These documents will be presented to Annual General Meeting that will be held in 2020.

The 5 members were:

  • Vice-president: Pedro Costa (Portugal)
  • Secretary General: Javier Soto (Spain)
  • Technical Director: Rosario de Caro (Italy)
  • Coordinator: Francesco Camillo´ (Italy)
  • Media technical coordinator: Vincenzo Bilgini (Italy)

The result of the meeting was positive and efficient although we will continue to be working to update further details of the DCL legal documents.