Football Committee


football committee guenedal
Name: Christian Guénédal
Nationality: French
Year of birth: 1965
Honours: Technical Equipment Principal Agent SNCF,
General Secretary of the French Federation of Sports for Deaf (FSSF) under the presidence of Isabelle MALAURIE (1992-2008),
General Secretary of the French Committee “Eugene Rubens-Alcais” (Founder of the FSSF and CISS, now ICSD) since 2010,
Foundation Variety Club of the Deaf Football for the east of France,
Honorary Member of the ASS Strasbourg (Fra) as secretary and creator of several sports.
Degree in Quality CFF3 football coach and managed ASLS Nancy (Fra), Player since 1974 in hearing and deaf clubs whose ASS Strasbourg, USLS Metz and ASLS Nancy (Fra) with several champion with titles of Alsace (regional league) for the hearing and champion of France and winner of the Cup of France for the deaf,
Bronze Medal of Youth and Sports of the assocative Life.
Favourite hearing
football player
Michel Platini (FRA)
Zinedine Zidane (FRA)
Fabien Barthez (FRA)
Lionel Messi (ARG)
Paul Pogba (FRA)
Favourite Deaf
football player
Gaspard Kavay (FRA)
Hakim Ahmed Messaouda (FRA)
Proudest moment I am proud to have managed a nice family with my wife and two children in the future.
What do you enjoy most about the DCL? I would like to work with relevant leaders to important aspects of football the solid construction of the deaf and the success of the agreement with UEFA and the better communication with European federations for the future of deaf clubs.


football committee women slattman
Name: Nanette Slattman
Nationality: Sweden
Year of birth: 1967
Honours: I went through studying at university and became a registered nurse 1997. The studying was very demanding for me as hearing impaired.
I worked as a nurse during the Winter Deaflympics 2003. There, I was asked by the renowned president John Lowett to work with antidoping within their federation, ICSD, and did it.
I formed the Swedish Football Association for Deaf Women in 2001. Since then I have not missed any game with the national team in European or World Championship. Neither have I missed the Swedish national championship in indoor football/futsal since 1985 when it was formed for the first time.
Since 1985 I am coach for deaf men in football and futsal in Gothenburg. In the 90s, I held up for a few years due to birth.
Favourite hearing
football player
Lionel Messi (ARG)
James Rodriguez (COL)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (SWE)
Favourite Deaf
football player
I have seen many good players who are deaf but i do not remember anyone´s name
Proudest moment One can be proud of things. Sports-wise, I was proud when I was the best player on the Swedish national championship for the deaf in futile and soccer a few times. Despite my age, I am still playing in the national teams in football and futile, which makes me proud! I am very proud of my father who has made me who I am. He is my role model! In addition, he is always there when i need someone to talk with him.
What do you enjoy most about the DCL? Good question! I´m fairly new to the committee and in a learning phase, I would like to lift a few specific things. My goal is to develop football/futsal for the deaf clubs in the Nodic countries. In recent years there have been fewer teams that participate in a national championship, both men and women. I see it as an important task for me to lift football/futsal for the deaf. Many would definitely like to participate in DCL. Through contacts and cooperation with the countries and clubs, I try to get them to develop the national championship. Naturally, members of the committee in DCL also important to support all countries and clubs.